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the brand
building and
creative experience

ask us anything, we're nice, we'll answer anything you throw at us, and if we don't know we'll just wing it

Why the name Ken?

No one is called Ken… yet.

Check your dictionary, Ken is all about one’s range of knowledge or understanding. The Etymology of the word is to give birth, conceive, generate, develop, sustain and nurture. And thats what we do.

We understand your needs. We impart knowledge for you. We give birth to brands. We generate creative ideas. We develop content. We sustain relationships. We nuture talent.

Do you ken?

Is anyone at Ken called Ken?

Not yet.

We’re in deep negotiations with World of Sport for the transfer of Kendo Nagasaki, as we feel his raw prowess would help on the digital development side of things, alas this move is on hold.

Who's your favourite Ken?

The impossible question.

There’s just too many great Kens out there. From Kenneth Williams to Ken Barlow… our generations have been graced with unbelievable Kens.

Do you work with other agencies?


We’re strong believers in collaboration. And we’ve a good network of excellent industry friends we work with on all manners of projects.

Drop us a line if you wanna know more.

What's your CSR policy?

It’s not a policy as such.

We’re big advocates of giving back to our and your communities, and as such, we’ll be doing as much as we can for charities and good causes as possible because it’s just nice to be nice isn’t it?

So watch this space.

Why haven't you got an actual office?

We have, it’s just tiny. Like really tiny. And you probably wouldn’t like it anyway.

And by not having a big office, filled with rented desks and bookcases full of books for Instagram purposes we manage to keep things simple, and therefore we keep our overheads low. Which means we don’t quote high for the excellent creative service we offer, because we’re nice like that.

And we get to meet amazing clients in coffee shops in the park, or the barista on the beach and even the brewery taproom down the road… nice eh?

Or we can come to you.